Monday, July 26, 2004

Martini Madness 2004 Fashion Review and Fotoshoot

Thanks to Shilpa, Jade and their crew Martini Madness was more than mad, I got some hizzle for my bizzle man. Tasty martinis and great punch and studly folks all dressed in their best Martini Fashions. Most notably paired were Jon and Austen Cook in their 50's Lounge attire. Hot.  Eurotrash was represented by our own Zoran Labudovski, voted Mr. Macedonia 2001, in his best summer linen shirt that had all the girls bubbling. Romie Littrell in his 70's Addidas track pants showed us how the Beloruss Gymnasts might have enjoyed a Martini Hour. All and all a good time was had by all.

Enjoy the pics, it was a blast taking them.  The cast of characters grew more impetuous and daring as the night continued. It was heard that Zoran, Jackie and Jon Won finished the gala at 1:00 am at Eggs & Things, where was I for that pow-wow? I guess in bed! Oh what a night! Can't wait for our next party. Anyone anyone? Let's Go to Rio on Wednesday and Camping trips coming up. See you soon.

Martini Madness Film Noir

"Franz how did I get so good looking?" Boris says, "I don't know, but I love to smoke."

Jakie striking a pose, still teaching Intensive Flirting 101, showing the "I know you don't exist - the real turn on" move

The one and only Senor Reicher and his side kick Guaradalajara Gary who's really happy to be at Martini Madness!

Makiko as Popeye, Romie wrecking the serious picture, PRICELESS shameless group shots. Look at Zoran's chest oh baby loving the euro trash darling. Miss Jackie pulling the look mami!

The New Jersies Rebecca and Eric, "Eh you talking to me?"

Rasberies and olives tasty martini snacks hmmm

Mr. Macedonia 2001 and Mademoiselle Minou 2004

BEST SHOT OF THE NIGHT: three martini spies

Mom look we're all having fun *sideways*

Intensive Fliriting 101 class taught by Jackie and Zoran, she is showing him the ignore and smoke method of attracting the male species.

Inquisitive Romie poses for a moment, he finds tranquility at Martini Madness


Hot party arm shot, Zoran "check out my sexy summer linen baby. Euro trash star baby"

Serious and Mr. Slurp, "uh more martinis please"

Don't hate us because we're so ridiculously good-looking.

Zoolander shot. Models in the making.

Daddy hold me.

Romie really happy to be held by papa bear Mr. Macedonia 2001

Romie lost in the woods, where'd I put my martini down?

Wonster up close and personal

Martini Madness fashion too cool for school

Light me up hot stuff

Macedonian Marlon Brando

Zoran's two drink minimum

Dr. Romi Evil, Zoran's hand, and Minoo praying

Loving it up with the girls! Mr. Macedonia 2001 Lovable Labudovski with the stunning Madame Rebecca and Mademoiselle Jackie

Saucy real saucy

Zoran and Eric

Whoa Gary is that your first or fifth Martini? Jackie and Zoran all smileee.

What the hell is going on... saying goodbye at Martini Madness

Friday, July 16, 2004

Parrotini Happy Hour

Thursday July 15, 2004 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
What a good time. Whenever I go I'm late. Regardless of how much I try I usually am! But this time, I was early and I waited till 5:30!! Noone was there. Finally Rahul showed up and I was delighted!
We had the following friends in attendance (the * indicates new member)
Sam Chang
* Raschna
* Noelani
Cameron her brother
* Another Cameron, Romie's friend
* Ali
* Evan
* Cesar
* Dee Mecham
* Jon Won
* Rahul
Gary Lee
It was a good time! Parrotini's were 5 bucks instead of three but the company was well worth it. We are planning a camping trip for next month. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Digi Cam Shopping Sites

Someone asked me questions about how to shop for a camera. Do your research first!

LINKS ON BUYING A CAMERA,guid,12,page,1,00.asp

Imaging Resource
<<>>>--- left hand side "Find the Best Camera For You"

Once you pick the camera you can see all the prices and where you can get good deals on them. Also you can run a direct comparison against two cameras.

This site had good user reviews

Monday, July 12, 2004

The Fourth of July Extravaganza

Who knows how to throw it down? Boy was Fourth of July a blast. We had a good sized party with midnight swimming, beer guzzling, pirate action and the best Brunch in all of Kailua the next morning. The boys brought home the bacon, while Jackie sliced and diced the melons and Sam made hashbrowns. It was a huge brunch, scrambled cheese eggs, POG, sausage, bacon, toast, French toast, pancakes, fresh melon, Jesus bless me for my cholesterol has sinned. Then after brunch lounging we hit the pool and enjoyed the last Hornsby Apple Ciders and Gordon Biersch. Who says slumber parties are for 3rd graders? Thanks guys for making it such a memorable Fourth of July weekend (evening, morning and afternoon).

Where's the Puerto Rican Mamis? Would you like un cerveza in da piscina? Tiff, Z, Jack, Kee, Sam, Dorotee

Chad saying "Ho yups bra?" and Derrick is looking schweet!

Jackie, Zoran, Matt and Dorothy celebrate with 2008 Presidential Candidate Sam Chang running on a Nixon platform

Romance around the pool. Floating candles and a bottle of brewskis on a Fourth of July. Can it get any better?

Mike and Sam - Hams

Tough man Chad out poses Yummy Derrick Ford in new Benetton Advertisement

Post brunch dip in the pool

Happy Day Chinese Restaurant Pics

Despite being all the way in May 2004 These are the pics from our Happy Day Dinner!

Silly rabbitt - this place doesn't serve dim sum for dinner. Happy Day's dim sum is good eats for lunch. We enjoyed their dinner menu, cake noodle, Fu King Dofu, and Seafood stirfry. Bill came out to $11 per person... we made it stretch!!! There were 20 members at that dinner, it was the first where we needed two tables. There was an M&M icebreaker. Discussion about volunteering and organizing a Symphony fundraiser. We had fun!

Jeff G smirking

Spam Man Zoran sharing with Jamie how much he saved last year using AFLAC

Jackie's first Dinner with us and Gary not sure about the whole Shaka thing

Laura, Custom Impressions talking and pointing

Senorita Amy

Ellen explaining the Bush Administration's policy on Saving Traditional Marriage to Romie "I'm all Ears" Littrell

Sam and Robert

Madame Elina, Cindy of Custom Impressions, and a good side view of Jonny Utah our own Jon Won

Passport 27 Party Pics

How long did it take? These pics are from my party in March. Finally the see the light of day. That was such a fun costume party. We drank tons of punch. The music provided by DJ Kee was awesome and we danced all night. It was so much fun. I can't wait till next year!

3 S ---> Sam, Shilpa and Seth

Best Costume Mr. Pang as Neo

Dorothy and KB minus the costume

Ese Gary gettin his drink on! Funny mouth!