Monday, July 26, 2004

Martini Madness 2004 Fashion Review and Fotoshoot

Thanks to Shilpa, Jade and their crew Martini Madness was more than mad, I got some hizzle for my bizzle man. Tasty martinis and great punch and studly folks all dressed in their best Martini Fashions. Most notably paired were Jon and Austen Cook in their 50's Lounge attire. Hot.  Eurotrash was represented by our own Zoran Labudovski, voted Mr. Macedonia 2001, in his best summer linen shirt that had all the girls bubbling. Romie Littrell in his 70's Addidas track pants showed us how the Beloruss Gymnasts might have enjoyed a Martini Hour. All and all a good time was had by all.

Enjoy the pics, it was a blast taking them.  The cast of characters grew more impetuous and daring as the night continued. It was heard that Zoran, Jackie and Jon Won finished the gala at 1:00 am at Eggs & Things, where was I for that pow-wow? I guess in bed! Oh what a night! Can't wait for our next party. Anyone anyone? Let's Go to Rio on Wednesday and Camping trips coming up. See you soon.


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