Monday, July 11, 2005

FEEL FREE TO POST FOTOS FROM THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS TRIP ATWWW.DGBH.BLOGSPOT.COM - OR EMAIL THEM and I will post them to the blog.It's an easy way to download your favorite photos!

What can I say! If you missed the Magic School Bus make sure youdon't miss it the next time it comes through town! We even had Quentin and TinaYuen from Pacific Business News were there to interview some of our members.Look out for DGBH in next week's edition in an article on young professionalbusinessnetworking.Starting off from Restaurant Row, we were busy registering everyonewith their purple wrist bands, legal waivers and collecting money -thanks to Tiffany T. for being such a magical assistant. We gatheredeveryone together at 7:00 pm SHARP while we overwhelmed our Bus ManQin from Taiwan. Everyone helped decorate our magic school bus withstreamers and was assigned a seat buddy. The Bus was so excited toget on its start we magically forgot Steph, Mike and Bill. Damn Qin!With one phone call, Stephanie wisked the boys away to meet up withus at our dinner spot.Our first stop was Shokudo on Kapiolani. Truly tasty Japanesecuisine at a very reasonable price. Make sure to call forreservations on the weekends because this place is a local favorite.We saw people with reservations waiting 15 minutes. The cool,ambient decor makes you feel you are in a scene from Lost inTranslation. The food arrived quickly (the meals were all pre-ordered) The staff friendly and helpful.Will and Evan mysteriously appeared at Shokudo - nice surprise.Lesson to y'all make sure to call if you're going to be late so wecan order more food for the group.Dessert at Canoe's was delectable. The real winner was the KonaMudslide. The award winning chocolate creme brulee was reallychocolate bread pudding creme brulee. That sounds like the wholedessert menu mixed together.In hopes of finding a good drink, we were off like prom dresses toMurphy's on Merchant Street in downtown. By this time everyone hadtime to shoot friends with digi cams as well as waterguns andblowing bubbles. This was the pinnacle of the bus ride. Bubblesfloating around at 45 miles per hour. Once again Qin the Bus Driverwas disappointed when our naughty DGBH members started a watergunfight that inevitably ended with Miss Minoo yelling at themisbehaving bus riders "Stop it! These water guns are to shoot thepeople on the street not the people on the bus!"Murphy's was a one-beer wonder kind of stop. A drink and runatmosphere had everyone guzzling there beer down.

Next stop would beO Lounge on Kapiolani. This was a chaotic scene. Qin our Taiwan BusMan almost ran over two O Lounge valet attendents. The main problem was some fundraising disco drag show was running late and the OLounge Staff was O So Freakin' Late. With some last minutefenaggling with the buck-toothed 55 year old bouncer actingimportant and Elizabeth the promotions manager we slipped in withthe help of our falsely important security wrist bands. The jointhad more people moving furniture and disco drag queens than patrons.Wierd. We had drinks, sat on Zen like furniture, danced a little andmoved on to the best stop of the night.

THE LIVING ROOM. Ah my favorite new spot. Why is it no matter whereyou go the bouncers feel they gotta act all big? After somemanagerial name dropping, he caught on to our reservation (waivedcover is a nice thing) and stamped our hands and *poof* we were onour way. Up the stairs, you notice dance floor was spacious and aircool - inviting us to groove to the melodic music that met us uponarrival. The lighting was perfect, but no more perfect than theexpansive harbor view from the top floor of Fisherman's Wharf. Ah...I felt transported to a San Francisco or New York club with thewaterfront feel. The big booths facing the dance floor werespecifically designed to maximize people watching. We were alldancing, drinking, and lounging. It was the perfect last stop of thenight.

I'm so glad you all were able to join us for the Magic School BusGrub and Pub Cruise. This was by far one of the best DGBH events todate. I want to welcome all of you new friends, Bill, Stephen,Vanessa, Rich & Ravi and Mike and everyone to introduce yourselvesto the group by sending a little email - mention your hobbies,career, favorite travel spots, and upcoming events. Mahalo to JoeMamma for inviting more friends to join DGBH, it's people like youwho perpetuate the community spirit of the club.

So... what's next? Well get ready, we've got some sunset cruises,deep sea fishing, more Wine Wednesdays and even our 2nd AnnualMALAEKAHANAPALOOZA 2005 coming soon. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I hope we get enough people to get on this freakin bus! It's bound to be a good time, just a matter of marketing it well.

So far we have 7:15 reservation at Shokudo - we still have to preorder the food and work up the desserts from riders.